G Lyrics by Jesse Jagz from the Garba EP.

Here is the Jesse Jagz G Lyrics from the new Garba album. Download and enjoy the G lyrics from the garba ep.

Jesse Jagz – G lyrics.


I sipped off knowledge from the skull of Nostradamus

And on that day I tapped the fountain of youth from the portrait of Dorian Gray

I drank from cups of sinful pleasures

And ate the food of forbidden treasures

I broke my body that I may elevate my soul

I opened my eyes and all I see is a black hole

I need sightseeing classes ’cause it seems as if I’m staring at this place through Stevie Wonder’s glasses

The world is getting darker

And the hearts of men are becoming blacker

My destiny is taken

Time is ticking

My body is shaking

The beast of me awakened

And the God in me forsaken, ahhhh

I hail from this place

And this place is my race

But I feel displaced in this place

‘Cause I can’t stand face to face with the base in this place

‘Cause this place is beginning to feel like a disgrace

End of days

Amazing grace

I’m climbing, but I keep on falling

I keep looking behind ‘cos the back keeps on calling

The most appalling that I fear is that If mankind do not put an end to warfare

Warfare will put an end to mankind

Quick question

What legacy will you pass on

Before you pass on

Jesse Jagz G lyrics Garba Album

[Verse 1]

I always envy fathers and sons

Cos I grew up a fatherless son

Got no clue on how to father a son

And I have been moving so far from the sun

Papa said son, Mama said run

How did you ever know the star will become

Nun on the run, sons of a gun

Hear the hums of a drum, we ain’t know where it’s from

It’s 6AM when I woke up to ****

And I couldn’t recognize shoddy without the make up

Young black man, I didn’t know what life is made of

Till Papa got laid off, Life turned into a ****

Smoking w**d, I couldn’t put the J off

J Jagz n***as couldn’t put the wave off

Father vs son, Father that ****

Abaga will become mother f****r I am one

And then I told my father I am son

N**gga I always haven’t been on the run

I came out of the shadows to the sun

All the shits that we done is the shallow that we become

N**ggas follow me and run

From the bible to the gun

Cos I remember the days when I wasn’t getting none

Husband to a nun, stepping from a hundred down to one

And repping JTown is what I’m on

And then my Papa got laid off

Mama got paid off

Even though they laboured

They shared with the neigbours

Life never paid off

My hair getting shaved off

Bears is like Adolf

I grew up kind of poor

Now I’m getting more

The lower that I earn, see the higher that I soar

I came up underground

Now I’m tired of the flaw of n**gars asking ………..


Like when they told my bro he wasn’t hot no more

Shoddy still love me now, didn’t desire me before

I flyer than before

My …………………..

Papa was a flirt

Mama gave birth

I was playing in the dirt, got the stains on my shirt

N***ar listen to the words of the second that I bleed

Now I gotta see, real power is what I need

This is how I feed

Smoke w**d and then I read

This is what I need, I couldn’t finish my degree

Maybe that’s the curse of the shit that ‘s been on me

Maybe it’s because of all these chicks feeling me

The father is the son, Son is the father

MI is the one, then I am big Poppa

Papa was a n***a

Mama was a gold digger, though I left the young jigga

Now I’m old n***a

And I flow sicker

What Papa didn’t know then, amma know quicker

Even though they tell me about blow and liquor

Came home, nothing to show for a N***a

My best friend said ain’t know ya all n***as

Go ****** N**ga

Sleeping on the floor back in 04 n***a

I promised to my self amma show ya all n***a

Then I left the crew, I went solo n***a

Expectations in Life can be so low n***a

……… more n***a

……………… n***a

Many rappers talking money but is …… n***a

Slow-mo n***a, stuck in go-slow n***a

You can’t see me coming, this is ghost mode n***a

Mama said the ******** postcode n***a

That’s why I’m running from the popo n***a

I can’t breathe, I’m in a chokehold n***a

JTown Cold needs Procold n***ga

N***ga steady death, ****** n***a

Internationally known, still a local n***a

Go loco n***a, ain’t the cocoa n***a






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