Tone Of the Conversation lyrics from The Live Report EP.

Tone Of the Conversation lyrics by AQ and MI Abaga – Produced by BeatsByJayy.

We must fight

I repeat it, sir

We must fight

There is no retreat

The war is inevitable

And let it come

I repeat, sir, let it come

(Beats by Jayy) Whatcha say?

Yo M why you do this, man? Why you do this?

Are you gonna do these people like this bro?


100 Crowns

[Verse 1 by M.I Abaga]

Let’s set the tone of the conversation [MI]

You ‘re all about to witness the litness of high vibration

Where two of a kind

Animals chilling on sideline

Waiting to flush your TL inside

I hating critics are waiting salivating

You will all see my greatness, still amassing

Fuel of the game, the radio station’s, how can you gas him?

13 years impeccable verses, what more you asking

When trendy, stylish, corporate, sexy, bossy

Nig*a fuck your fashion moment

Oh my,  I’m staying with the passion of Christ

You nig*as passionate about likes

Drug use and sex, you need a cashable vice

An actionable plan

Not even at my maximum, damn

The caskets you planned for M

But I have a great return policy

How does he every year after battling for the currency?

I am the artifact, study back on how to rap, I am a museum

Whenever you see him, know it’s fuckin’ fire, boy

Rappers see me and vanish, start speaking Spanish like hasta luego

You small chops to me nig*a a party take home.

See the score, I just need so much more like an away goal

I earned my spot protecting you ni*gas I’m amotekun

I’ve schooled at least 10 rappers in each of the 36 states

That’s like 360 degrees right?

I made a circle of rappers

Who came to work through the hurdles pursuing virtue

That’s why I bow my head to the rappers

Who did it before me like my nigga Q

I’m blessed to be part of his story, you heard

[Verse 2 by A-Q]

Lets set the tone of the conversation

The only hardcore rapper getting dough from corporations

This is a Home invasion

It’s a Covert operation

I crowned so many kings now this is my Coronation

They say they want peace, like Q let’s bury the hatchet

Okay, I go bury it deep in your skull

Stop your hustle in motion

Your whole alignment is floored

Like the wheel connection of the 06 Honda accord

When we ball, break a leg, disconnect from your joint

Face it boys, no punches, still leave your face destroyed

This is shooting practice

Amma school you at this

Show you how to clap this

You should bookmark this

Never held a gun

But still the lethal fact is

Words are weapons

I let the semi-automatic Glock spit

12 gauge, one shot

You’ll do backflips

Now is all blood

Like lil wayne Soo woo ad libs [Soo woo]

This is cardio for me

10 KM burned about a thousand calories

Pulse 74, such a healthy human being

A sound mind, whole mind

The sound, how sound can I be?

But really, tell me, how you living chappy?

Been in the business since 03

Y’all was grinning at me

Said beef was all I brought to the table

Why you reaching out now?

Same beef I put a stake on your table, you eating like clowns

This is giving me a No ID vibe

This is 5G cancer free spreading 5G lies

Funny how these rappers want to clash on IG live

The problem is you don’t get money on IG live

We just made a tape

Split the royalties, we getting major pay

I know you hate it’s me

I’m on a project with your favourite

It’s the end of days

And if ends today, mission accomplished

Collaboration project with M, I can’t ignore it.

[Outro by M.I Abaga]

So actually it was a tweet that Q had responded to somebody who had asked if he would do a joint project with me and Q said ask M and so when I hit him up, I was like yo bro how crazy can it be if we can do this project in 4 days and put it out in a week from the tweet and he was like let me hit up beatsbyjay.

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