United States o America US Visa Interview Questions 2020.

The American Visa interview is one of the most popular visa interviews for Nigerian residents and notoriously the most grueling. This is because many of the interviewees or visa applicants are not well prepared for the interview.

The reason for this post is to help interested US visa candidates to prepare for that interview that might decide their future. We collated some of the frequently asked questions during American visa interviews – not only in Nigeria but also all over the world.


US Visa Interview Questions in Nigeria:

US visa interview questions in Nigeria might be very different to others hence impossible to guess all of them. However, there is a set of standard ones, which are always asked. And in order to give correct answers you should get familiar with them.

Read them below;

  1. Why do you want to travel to the US? You must tell about the goal of your visit. If you’re planning to work, you may mention a particular company. If you’re going to study, name the university, etc. Remember that all the information will be computerized, so be careful to say everything correctly.
  2. How long will you stay in the US? Tell about the length of your trip. Be very accurate.
  3. Do you have relatives in the US? Give a true answer. Besides, never tell about any relatives until they ask you to.
  4. Where will you stay? Provide them with every detail. It’s better to memorize the address. It also must be the same as in your application.
  5. Have you booked tickets? Answer yes/no.
  6. When do you want to go? Say when you’re going to visit the country. At least, a month.
  7. Have you bought visitor medical insurance? You must say that you’ll do it as soon as you get visa.
  8. Will you work in the US? If you’ve applied for such type of visa, then say “yes”. Otherwise, say no. And tell about the purpose of trip (for instance, tourism).
  9. How will you pay for your trip? Make sure you’ve all the papers if you pay for everything yourself. If anyone support you, you’ll need sponsor documents.

These are common questions that might be addressed to any applicant despite of the visa type. There may be also special question. For example, if you want to study in the USA, student visa interview questions will require information about your university or college, purpose of your education, and some other things.

Types of Visa:

We’re going to observe different types of visa according to various factors. By purpose, they may be divided into:

  • Transit; It is necessary when you’re able to reach the destination only by passing through the other state. Such visas’re quite short in term – from several hours to ten days. There exist airside ones (for the countries that demand them for making change on their territory) and crewmember ones (for instance, for stewardesses).
  • Short-stay; They might be private (for example, to see a friend), tourist, business or medical visas, and so on. They are appropriate for short limited visits.
  • Long-stay; They are for longer stay, however they’re also limited. It might be work, journalist or student visa, etc.
  • Immigrant; They are for those, who’re planning to become permanent residents of a certain country. The particular kind depends on the grounds. There can be spousal, marriage, pensioner visas, and so on.
  • Official visa; It is only for officials and government needs. For example, diplomatic visa.

Hope this was helpful?


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