Pastor Molests Female Church Member, Strips Naked In The Name of Prayers. 

Prophet Penuel T

Unbelievable! That was the exclamation that came out of my mouth when I first heard about this. A self acclaimed Prophet, Penuel T who recently founded a church called End Time Disciples Ministries was caught on camera molesting his church members. The self acclaimed “Man of God” was seen in a video and pictures jumping and matching on church goers in the name deliverance prayers. The pastor was also seen seating and lying on female church member striped almost naked. In some of the pictures, the pastor can be seen comfortably posing for the camera with members in the nude. One begins to image what then happens behind cameras in the church.

The founder of the ministry located in Gauteng, South Africa is said to be a fan of a controversial South African Pastor, Legeso Daniel, who less than 2 years ago was exposed for forcing his congregation to eat grass and drink petrol.

It baffles me to know that people actually still attend these churches in search of miracles. If this is not a sign of End time, I wonder what else could be.

See for your self pictures and video below.

Click on the links below to see pictures;

  • Picture 1
  • Picture 2
  • Picture 3
  • Picture 4


  1. Alibest 7 years ago

    God of mercy, have compassion on hipocrecy.

  2. philip 6 years ago

    this seems to be a cult of the god of baal and asherah

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