Black Friday in Nigeria 2017 is here. Black Friday, which originated from the United States of America, is an informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the USA, which has been regarded as the beginning of the country’s Christmas shopping season since 1952.

Here in Nigeria, it is also regarded as a day buyers go on a shopping spree with many big businesses now queuing up to the annual event to give consumers mouth watering discounts.

However Nigerian buyers have in the past doubted the authenticity of some of the deals offered by brands, especially online based e-commerce brands, no thanks to those brands seemingly over bloated and unrealistic promises.

So we are here to show you how you can take advantage of this year’s black Friday in Nigeria and get the best of the deals.

  1. Shop majorly at Local Stores, not Online.
    History has shown the most reliable black friday deals in Nigeria are the ones you physically grabbed yourself. So, be sure to check out the local stores around you like Shoprite, Spar etc. Spar in particular promises up to 70% discount on a range of products. So what are you waiting for? Rush there now!
  2. Check for Stores on Black Friday Ahead of Time.
    It is best to track the local stores in your city at least a day before the black friday to know those offering deals and get their time schedule. You don’t want to show up to some stores on the D-day to find out there is no deal there then show up to other stores to find out you just missed the last deal. So check out ahead of time electronic stores in your vicinity like Thermocool, grocery stores etc. depending on your needs
  3. Eyes on the Target.
    One of the biggest challenges of the Black friday shopping for buyers is that they mostly end up buying more than they need because of many available mouth watering deals. A good way to go about this is to note down and remind yourself repeatedly not to go beyond your shopping list. Even if your target products are not on offer, it is better to go home with nothing than jump onto unplanned expenditure as you will discover later on that it is “penny wise, pound foolish”
  4. Get a Good Internet Connection.
    For those that have no alternative than to shop online, those without local stores offering their desired product in their vicinity, they can take advantage of online deals by first of all getting a very good internet connection. Online deals are based on fastest finger first, so you don’t want your internet access or device slowing you down for any micro second.
    Check the mobile networks with the fastest internet connection in your vicinity. If possible, get two on different devices, preferably a PC.
  5. Use Firefox or Chrome Browser and Clear Cookies/Cache.
    Here is another secret, most e-commerce sites use browser cookies and cache to know what user are interested in and increase the price on the product when user repeatedly check out same product, signifying total interest by the user. On promotional days like Black Friday, the e-commerce site deliberately lock out some users for whatever reason(s), including those who already got a deal through these browser cookies/cache. You are advised to use browers like Mozilla firefox and Google chrome where you can easily clear these cookies/caches periodically while hunting for deals. Remember not to clear it when you already got a deal until you check out!
  6. Be Wary of Robbers.
    As you are preparing to spend money today, so are pickpockets, pilfers, armed robbers etc. within your vicinity preparing to fleece you of your hard earned resources. This does not need much explanations, just be Watchful!

Anything else we missed, be sure to share with us via the comment box below đŸ™‚


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