Donald Trump: Is Truth Dead?

President Donald Trump is the 45th Elected President of the United States of America and was a businessman and television personality. But ever since he made it to the US presidency, the public’s attention has shifted from his celebrity status to seriously holding him accountable for every single word he utters.

With the media leading the “campaign” where it is no longer about mostly singing his praises, the Time magazine’s recent publication appear to have yet again hit it where it hurts Mr. Trump.
The recent Time has a cover that, if not for the changing of one word, is the exact replica of the one on the April 8, 1966, issue of the magazine. The one published fifty one years earlier had in red letters on a black field the question, “Is God Dead?” The one published this year with the same colors and the same font asks, “Is Truth Dead?”

Back in 1966, the cover story dwelt on the value of theology and the state of the church, but the recent cover story deals with facts and alternative facts as it pertains to the Trump presidency. It surely made an interesting read. Click to read the full story here >> President Trump Truth Dead.
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