A digital money transfer provider, Xoom, has revealed that it will be expanding its services in Africa making it easier for people in the United States to securely send money to Nigeria. The company revealed that the move will essentially allow individuals in the United States to send money to Nigeria via a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Customers can have money directly deposited into their loved ones’ bank account, and access to daily customer service.

“At Xoom, our goal is to make sending money around the world easier, more convenient and faster. That’s why we’re excited to extend Xoom’s services into Nigeria,” said Julian King, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development, Xoom.

According to the World Bank, $5.7 billion is being sent to Nigeria annually from the U.S.

“With Xoom, users can now send money from their mobile phones in a few clicks and instantly deposit money into their loved ones’ bank accounts in Nigeria. No more waiting in lines at the bank to wire money or at a cash pick-up center,” said King.

The company further revealed that all customers require is their recipient’s bank account number, and Xoom will transfer funds to banks in Nigeria. Individuals can send up to $2,999 for just $4.99 when paying with their bank account.


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