Feminism: Chinese women displays “bushy” armpits

Feminism: Chinese women displays “bushy” armpits.

In the fight against domestic violence and gender inequality, Chinese feminists have opened up a new battlefront: Their armpits.

They ask, why should women have to shave their pits when men are never expected to?

To subvert the double standard, feminist Xiao Meili, 25, started an armpit hair photo contest on Chinese social network Weibo.


Dozens of women have participated, including three of the five feminists briefly arrested in Marchover a protest for gender equality. The participants sent in selfies and glamor shots with their arms proudly raised, revealing natural hair underneath.

“Women should have the right to decide how to deal with their bodies, including small details like armpit hair,” Xiao tells CNN. “You can choose to shave it, but you shouldn’t be forced to do so under the pressure of stereotypes.”

dirty armpit

Six winners will be selected from the photo competition, which ends Wednesday. Prizes include condoms, vibrators and a pedestal urinal that a woman can use while standing.



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