According to a famous American boxing promoter, Don King, “Hypocrisy is the mother of all evil and racial prejudice is still her favourite child”. I wonder what he will say about a predominantly black community like Nigeria where man’s inhumanity to man is taking an alarming dimension.

But for the intervention of a neighbour who heard a strange sound and traced it to an unoccupied room which was padlocked, little Lovelyn William would have been dead at the time of this report.

Click here to see the censored image of little Lovelyn William.

The little girl was discovered by the neighbour with her mouth tapered, hands tied backwards and legs tied together as she lay and moan helplessly on the floor of a dirty room at Itori in Ogun State.

It was her stepmother, 28-year-old Christiana Faturoti, who allegedly threw her there as a punishment because she soiled herself.

Christiana is currently in police custody. She is undergoing interrogation at the Anti-Human Trafficking section of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Ogun State Police Command.

lovelyn's mother

lovelyn’s mother


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