OSCARS 2015: American Sniper Chris Kyle widow Taya honours him.

Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, not only impressed at the Oscars on Sunday, she also brought with her a small memento to honor the late Navy SEAL: his dog tags.

Clutching her husband’s dog tags and holding back tears, Chris Kyle’s widow said she wished he was with her as she walked the red carpet for ‘American Sniper’ at the Oscars on Sunday.

Taya Kyle said her husband would be ‘blown away’ by the support the film has received and that he would be his ‘usual humble self’ despite the success of the movie based on his life.

It wasn’t only Kyle’s absence that was weighing on Taya. For the last two weeks she has been attending the murder trial for her husband’s killer.

ABC’s Robin Roberts noted during the interview that Taya had to be on a red eye flight out of Los Angeles that very night.

Taya wrote on her Facebook that she wanted to make sure she was back in time as the trial continues on Monday morning.

Just hours before her red carpet appearance, Taya shared an emotional post detailing her rough last few days.

‘I have a pounding headache and woke up intermittently sleeping and having nightmares about the evils of the world,’ she wrote.

But Taya said she wanted to be there for her husband, who she said would be ‘really happy that so much healing is happening’ and that military families were ‘healing with this movie’.

American Sniper Chris Kyle & widow Taya

Taya added that she believed Bradley Cooper, who played Kyle, ‘absolutely got it right’ and said she was happy to be able to ‘represent Chris’ Sunday night, she told ABC’s Roberts.

Cooper said the ‘American Sniper’ crew was glad she was able to attend despite ‘all that’s happening’.

Although it received six nominations, the film only took home an award for sound editing.

Noting that although it was not an ‘ideal time’, Taya said she wanted to embrace everything her husband and to represent everyday military families like her own.

Although Taya shared a photo Sunday morning that she described as ‘the horrific way I look rolling out of bed,’ she was as glamorous as the celebrities in her long green gown that night and thanked her ‘fairy godmother’ Warner Brothers, who distributed the film.

‘I find myself in a surreal position…like Cinderella who scrubs the floors but has a fairy Godmother who got me on a plane and had a dress and jewelry and even the shoes and spanx waiting for me’.


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